Friday, June 18, 2010

Northumbria Police; Every year Northumbria Police peddles lies in Martin McGartland case

Martin McGartland was shot 6 times by the IRA outside his home in Whitley Bay in June 1999.
The IRA only discovered where Martin McGartland was living, and his new name, after Northumbria Police read out, in open court, his name and home address. Martin’s name and address was then published in UK newspapers. During the past two years Northumbria Police have peddled lies about above Martin McGartland’s case and have covered up IRA involvement in Martin’s 1999 attempted murder.

In Northumbria Police’s last two press releases, June 2009 and june 2010, they continue with their cover-up and their lies. They state; “Our main line of inquiry continues to be that Mr McGartland may have been shot by a person or people with Irish Republican sympathies, for reasons closely linked to his former life in Northern Ireland.” Northumbria Police make this statement 10 and 11 years after Martin’s shooting and given they now have evidence and intelligence to show that the IRA were behind the shooting. Northumbria Police have been involved in a cover-up in the Martin McGartland case since the June 1999 shooting. They continue to protect those involved in the shooting and cover-up IRA involvement in the attack.

“I have asked Northumbria Police if there is any evidence to show that the IRA was involved in my shooting, Northumbria Police will not answer that question. I also asked if there was any intelligence that the IRA was involved, Northumbria Police said they would not answer question about intelligence. “, says Martin McGartland. The Cover-up continues.